About XBT 24 ProAir

A Trading Platform Built by Traders and Designed for Everyone

After numerous years of trading the markets as professional traders, the developers of XBT 24 ProAir have gained extensive knowledge and experience. In achieving this, they also understood that they wanted to share the opportunity to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

That’s when the idea of the XBT 24 ProAir trading platform was conceived. However, during the development, the team used extensive trading expertise and put it into creating something more unique than is already present on the internet.

Founding XBT 24 ProAir

With rigorous research into competing trading platforms, the team paid special attention to features that were most commonly used, as well as others unavailable to traders. Then the main goal was to introduce features most traders would find useful and continually improve the ones already out there.

With this objective in mind, they developed a distinctive and highly accessible trading experience to allow everyone to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Using XBT 24 ProAir, you can trade at any skill level. Thus, complete beginner traders and professional traders alike can use this trading platform to conduct trades.

What XBT 24 ProAir Stands For

XBT 24 ProAir was created to offer a trading platform that everyone could use. Conventional trading activities have always been reserved for those who had massive sums of money to invest and a good amount of knowledge and experience in the trading world. Two features incorporated into the platform helped to change this:

• A fairly low minimum deposit of $250 to accommodate individuals who don’t have the large sums of money typically associated with trading.

• Features that allow the average Joe or Jane to trade, no matter their skill set.