About Us

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Trading Software Built by Traders and Designed for Everyone

After performing in the trading market for numerous years as professional traders, we have gained extensive knowledge and experience. In achieving this, we understood that we wanted to share the opportunity to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

That’s when the idea of the BitQL trading software was formed. However, when constructing this BitQL software, we didn't want to make another variant of the same type of trading software that's already available on several trading platforms. Due to our extensive knowledge of trading software, we analyzed these different trading software platforms.

Our Foundation

When researching and analyzing these trading software platforms, we were able to gain insight into the features that are available on the platform and the elements that are missing. From this, we set off to create a trading software that included the common features available found in the majority of trading software while improving on the existing software on the market by formulating solutions to these missing elements.

In creating software around this objective, we developed a unique trading experience for our members that other trading software platforms can't provide for. Our primary goal in doing this was to offer a trading platform that allowed all individuals to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

When using our BitQL trading software, you're able to trade no matter what skill level you are. Thus, complete beginner traders and professional traders alike can use our trading software to conduct trades. We have equipped our system with a variety of features to cater to these varied trading skill levels.

What We Stand For

Our primary goal was to create the BitQL trading software to offer trading software that everyone could use. We did this because we understand that conventional trading activities have always been reserved for those who had massive sums of money to invest and a good amount of knowledge and experience in the trading world. We have combated these traditional standards by incorporating two features into our system:

• We have offered a low minimum deposit rate of $250 to accommodate individuals who don’t have the large sums of money typically associated with investing in trading.

• We cater our trading software to all skill levels. Meaning, beginner traders who have no experience in the trading world have the ability to conduct trades.